Who are you?

Hi there. Call me Saramoff, or Smoff. Some people even call me Saramuffin.. As of writing this, I’m a 26 year old guy from the North West of England.

I’m a giant goddamn nerd and I love all sorts of stuff. Card games, tabletop and board games, painting, music, reading and writing. I’m also English, so I love my tea, going to the pub and abusing my liver with alcohol.

Enter the Farside is my first major literary worked released to the general public. I’ve released smaller works before, but nothing on this scale.

What made you want to write Enter the Farside?

Enter the Farside was something that I had written up as a basic draft for a setting that I wrote up in November of 2012. Like all setting that I have a great idea for, I worked it up to a suitable level, then I never wrote anything else about them. No lie, I started to read Worm, if it wasn’t obvious.

Actually, I read all the spoilers for Worm on TvTropes and the Wiki, and that made me want to read Worm itself. Because I’m a giant scumbag of a human being that spoils everything for myself before reading the story.

Worm made me realise that I didn’t need to write a story out as a whole book before throwing it out to the general public. It made me realise that my story could be written in parts, uploaded, and the world could see it for free. I think that’s incredibly liberating.

What are your influences?

Back in 2012, my main influence for Enter the Farside was Lovecraft. I can’t say I’ve read a lot of his works but I know the themes and ideas, and the general media that surrounds those notions. I wanted a setting to me that was when humanity managed to glimpse the unthinkable madness, and to see the aliens at our doorstep that make our lives so insignificant and paultry, and instead of going mad with the revelation, I wanted to ask the question: What if we didn’t? What if we, as a civilisation, were exposed to this on a grand scale, and we just carried on and absorbed it into our lives?

Comic books, modern fantasy and literature, tabletop games and RPGs, everything can be taken from them as well. And of course, Worm is there too. When I began writing, Worm was really helpful. It made me think about unique, interesting abilities, and just how fleshed out the setting was. I wanted to make sure I gave something similar with Enter the Farside.

It also helped with the arc/chapter/interlude layout.

How do we contact you?

I’m looking for more questions to add here. Please send me any queries to saramoff [at] gmail [dot] com.

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