It’s been a year already?

Enter the Farside’s first post was on October 13th, 2015. Thus shall this day be it’s birthday forever more.

A year. One whole sodding year. Let’s take a look at what the year looks like in terms of word count. Here’s what each arc totals as in terms of pure, unfiltered, raw wordage.

  • Arc 1: 47,261 words (Longest chapter: 1-10 with 8167 words)
  • Arc 2: 51,306 words (Longest chapter: 2-10 with 8402 words
  • Arc 3: 48,056 words (Longest chapter: Interlude 3 with 7648 words)
  • Arc 3: 49,398 words (Longest chapter: Interlude 4 with 9238 words)

Leaving us with a grand total of 196,021 words over 4 arcs.


That’s a lot of words about a teenager from Stoke on Trent.

Personally, there needs to be a thanks given to everyone who’s reading this. I’m so grateful to everyone who’s been reading this, and I hope you stay with me for some time to come. Seriously. You’re awesome.

Where do we go from here though?

Well, I’m going to write Arc 5 onward. I’ll have everything written up, then post it again just like I did before. If you’re wondering how much I have planned out, we’ll just say ‘lots’ and leave it at that. I know what direction we’re heading in. Things are looking up.

What can you do to support me? Spread the word. Tell people, recommend Enter the Farside. Add tropes to the TvTropes page. Review it on Goodreads and Web Fiction Guide. Vote for it on Top Web Fiction. All links there for convenience. Every bit helps, and I’m in need of every bit right now to get the word out.

Every comment or email makes my day, I love hearing from people about it. Absolutely get in touch when you can.

As a teaser, Arc 5 will be called the Lull arc. Have fun with the speculating.

So I’m back.

Let’s hold off on the celebrations for just a minute. Take a look at this:


What this little behind the scenes is trying to tell you is that I have every other chapter ready to post.

It’s later than I intended. 4-1 was published on February and it’s nearly October now. Yikes! That’s one long hiatus that I’m not sure if I’ll ever truly recover from. There is always hope, I guess.

The day after tomorrow, 4-2 will go up, and every other day following will get another post, right up until everything is released on 12/10/2016, which will be Interlude 4. Enter the Farside’s birthday is on October 13th, so I’ll have another post up then to explain more things.

What’s going to happen after this? We’ll stick with this routine so far. I’ll do all the chapters and post them up with day gaps in between, and keep going until the next week, and so forth and so forth.

What’s going on with me? Everything’s okay in the strictest sense of the word. I’m currently between jobs and hopefully going back into the care sector instead of retail. I’ve got enough time to have no excuse not to write, put it that way.

You should like how this arc pans out, and I personally am happy with the way things have turned out. As always, comments and emails are appreciated so much. The TvTropes page anyways needs new additions, so don’t hesitate if you see something there. Currently, I’m the only one keeping track of things. Reader input is always good with these things; I might miss things or you may know more tropes than I do.

Enjoy the ride, it’s still only just starting.

Reports of my hiatus have been greatly exaggerated.

Title quote courtesy of Mark Twain.

I promised you twice a week updates. After sloughing through them, I eventually lost momentum and stumbled. I then promised you once a week, and didn’t uphold that either. Four months have passed since my last update and if you haven’t stopped reading because you think I’m on hiatus, here’s the honest truth?

I’ve been around.

Nothing has prevented me from writing. It’s been the perfect storm of things to detract from this work; work upsetting my normal routine. Lacking the fire to write regularly. Writing as a means of self entertainment that’s quickly replaced by video games that come out. Social obligations Not talking regularly enough about Enter the Farside to build up my own hype again; it may be strange to hear, but talking about my work really keeps me motivated.

Reasons, reasons, explanations, excuses.

I’m not done with Enter the Farside, though. Not by a long shot. The question is, what do I do with it?

This post has been long overdue. So have updates, but hey. Enter the Farside is a priority to me and it’s one I’m going to work on. I still don’t feel I’m capable of upholding the relentless, twice a week pace I used to do. So here’s what we’ll do for the time being.

Once I have Arc 4 totally done, interlude included, I’ll begin posting them out. Once every other day so you have a bit of a rest to digest them. It should give me enough time to see what pace I can manage and what level of updates I want to do. I may continue with the trend of ‘wait for the arc to be done, post them all out’ but I honestly have no idea how that might pan out.

Send me an email or leave a comment and let me know.

Verus will return, and my big plans for this series will never die down. I can at least guarantee that.

Deadlines are for hacks. YOU’RE an artist.

Title courtesy of The Worst Muse on Twitter.

Let’s be honest here.December and January were absolutely terrible when it came to deadlines. I set a schedule for twice weekly and I failed to meet the quota for the majority of the time. I personally set myself to a high standard of work and I even started making a backlog of work, and eventually dropped off. I even had to take a break over the festive period to try to organise myself, and it helped little.

So what the hell happened during December and January?

I’m not here to give excuses to try and justify a poor schedule, but I lost my job. More free time meant more time to write, which was fine and I managed to make it work. It wasn’t until I got a new job that things started to become a problem.

When I started Enter the Farside, my schedule was to work in the morning and afternoon, come home in the evening. Relax and write, have some spare time and go to sleep.I had ample time and set up a routine of work, write, rest, sleep. My new job is totally different and works just evenings, 5pm onwards, six days a week.

I’ve only just noticed that the time I’d spend writing is the time I’m working now. I started to get used to a routine, and now I’ve had to scrap it and try to start over again. My writing time which I begun to got used to doesn’t exist anymore, and part of me feels like I’m writing at the wrong time.

I’m adjusting, slowly. I’ve been staying up until 5am in some mornings to try and meet the deadline and failing. I’m trying to get a new period to write in, so my body can readjust. I still don’t accept it as an excuse myself, and I won’t be satisfied until I get a post on time, every wednesday and saturday.

Remain patient and all will be well.

Meanwhile, if you’re still staying tuned or starting to pick up on Enter the Farside, you’ve got my thanks tenfold. Every comment and view and every time you spread the word is appreciated. The next chapter will be the end of the Discoveries arc and we’ll have an interlude to wrap things up.

Stay tuned.