Entrance: 1-6

Monday morning had come and gone. Shaun found himself at odds with Josh; they no longer shared the same time table and Shaun was needed in school later on a monday. This made things a little awkward between the two. Shaun almost found himself walking to Josh’s house to meet up and walk to school, though halfway through the little detour he normally took to Josh’s house, he realised it was quicker to go the other way. He turned on his heel, and jogged a bit ahead to make up for lost time. He could at least indulge in listening to music on the way to school, buds in his ears until he reached the school grounds. Music was paused, earbuds swiped and put into his hoodie pocket and he ventured to the start of a new year at school.

Sixth form was a big step up, not only in terms of feeling like he was growing up but also the status and respect it gave. The Year Sevens, the first year in the English secondary school for high school and aged around 11 or 12, would greatly fear them as lords and whimsical tyrants, whilst Year Twelves and Thirteens, who were reaching the end of secondary school, saw them as less powerful. In the grand heirarchy of education, sixth form were still the kings amongst paupers, with the added benefit that they no longer had to wear uniform whilst at school. Sixth Form was one way to go afterwards, College was the other.

Shaun’s media teacher was a Mr. Kai Murray. He was in his class, listening to him tell him about the basic structure of the class, the lessons and coursework to be expected. Meanwhile, Shaun’s bag on his table hid his phone from sight, and he’d barely paid any attention to the other students just yet. His focus was on texting. First, he checked the message he received.

were u been man

Shaun frowned slightly, flicking his glance up to the classroom for a second. He saw everyone was more interested than he was.

oh right well just some stuff last nite, did i miss owt?

“-your yearly project doesn’t have to be anything specific. It has to be about media though, and what effect it has on us, and the subject matter-”

The response back was so quick, it appeared premeditated.

nah lol wanted 2 meet but did sum fifa instead

Shaun tapped out a quick reply.

okay yeh sure will let you know about tomorrow got stuff tonite

The response back was equally as quick.

safe m8

With those social obligations sorted and the friendship patched up, Shaun discretely sunk his phone into his pocket, and began to pay attention to the classroom.

“-ultimately it’s an individual project. So no, Garth. There’s no group works.”

There was a slight tone of elation about the news that group work wasn’t present.

“Conferring and sharing ideas is fine though. We cannae stop that.”

Shaun had a quick look at his new teacher as he slid his bag underneath his table. He was in his early thirties. Mr Murray was scottish through and through, with a thick accent that was almost as thick as the 5 o’clock shadow on his face. Shaun noticed there was more women in the class than men; whether Mr Murray was the cause of this, he suspected it may have influenced the decision.

“So what we’re gonna do for the first period, is decide what you want to do. There’s a sheet on your desk with a few broad topics.” Shaun picked it up and gave it a glance; one thing stuck out to him, and his eyes lingered near the middle of the page for a second. “As long as it fits, knock yourself out.” He smiled; it was warm, a bit trusting. “Come back at the end of the hour, have a think, talk amongst yourself. You dunnae have to stay in here. I feel it can inhibit the creativity needed.”

This perked a few heads. Such freedom was a clarion call, and nobody had elected to stay inside given the choice. After wrapping up, Shaun decided to take a quick nip to the canteen, whilst taking out his phone and glancing at the screen.

He remembered the conversation he had with Yuhong that night.

“One shift and that’s it.”

“I’ve glad you’ve had a change of heart.”

“I’ve been raised to give people a chance. No exceptions here.”

“That’s great. You have class to attend, that I’m sure. Are there any days off you’d like?”

Shaun paused. “I was thinking, tomorrow. Tomorrow night.”

“Tomorrow night?” Yuhong questioned. “Are you sure?”

Shaun cleared his throat a little. “Yeah. Tomorrow night.”

“It’s a little soon. We would have preferred more time to prepare.”

“That’s not my problem.” Shaun became rather blunt for that comment, and threw it out nonchalantly. It did make Yuhong pause.

“We’ll… make arrangements.”

“Hey, Yuhong.”

“Yes, Shaun?”

“How many other people, Farborn or NFU recruits, get to pick and choose like this?”

She paused again. “None. As I said before, you’re an individual case. Because of that, we have instructions to accommodate you.”

“That’s way too much power for one man.”

“I’m glad you think so.” Shaun couldn’t tell but he was certain there was a bit of relief in her voice. “This would be Alex’s first shift as well. We like to do both night and day shifts for our recruits.”

“Oh? Well, that’s good. Yeah.” Shaun said, surprised. “So what will we be doing?”

“In this case, we’ll be the on-call team. It’s ideal for new recruits. Other teams, higher priority, will be dispatched to incident. We are there in case everyone else is busy. The on-call team, in such cases where the primary teams are occupied, are sent out. Because of Alex and myself and our range of powers, we will be dealt low priority, low danger missions.”

“The NFU doesn’t like throwing in the newbies into the deep end.”

“No, we try not to. Extreme circumstances excluded.”

“No plan survives contact with the enemy.”

Helmuth von Moltke?” A hint of interest and even pride shon in her voice.

“Is that who said that? I picked it up in a, uh, video game.”

“Oh. Still. It’s very true.” She said. “Hopefully, it will be a quiet night and we get to observe. Perhaps we’ll get a chance to investigate something. It’s surprisingly common that we deal with people who become Fartouched, for instance.”

“I don’t envy those people.”

“Nobody does.” Yuhong sounded a little solemn. “I didn’t.”

Shaun paused for a good few seconds. He thought to ask but relentled, and disregarded the idea.

“When does it start?”

“We’ll have a car pick you up at 6pm. And thank you once again, Shaun.”

“Okay. Alright then.”

When he snapped back to reality, he’d found that he had wandered into the library, and was staring at the Fantasy section on the wall. To the left of it, he saw the shelf containing works on the Farside. With curiousness about him, he approached, dragging his finger along the spines of the book and making a strumming sound and stopped at what he thought was a random book. He plucked it off the shelf, tilting it down and yanking it out easily, and glanced at the spine and the cover.

Eldritch: The study of creatures from beyond & Official Classifications (Illustrated version).

Shaun slid it back in, and reached to the other side. Tapping the top of each book, he counted down to 5. It was the same number fro, one end to the previous book he plucked out, and mirrored his prior actions. This tome seemed a little thicker, with an illustration on the front. It depicted a man, clad in stylish metal platemail fighting off a demonic creature. The knight held up a shield to fend off an onslaught from the demon, which was flying in the air aloft wide, bat-like wings, wreathes of energy engulfing its hand raised to the sky, ready to unleash it upon its foe. In the knight’s other hand, he held a decorative longsword, held back and ready to counterattack.

Superheroes of the 21st century. Depicted: Solomon and Vorpal, 2013.

His inquisitive nature lingered, he flicked open the page and glanced at the opening paragraph.

Superheroes of the 21st century.

Biographies of the Fargraced:

Farborn and Fartouched who rose to greatness.

By Samara Hawkins


The Farside is everywhere. In modern day life, the Farside is an every aspect of our lives and culture. You see Eldritch sightings on social media, from those attacking a city to the harmless ones you’ll find in your local park on your morning jog. It’s no surprise that the Fargraced of the world also play an important role. Almost like they’re taken straight from comic books, these gifted individuals help our day to day lives. They fight crime, stop rampaging Eldritch, battle with the villains of the new age who may be gifted themselves.

In this book, you’ll find pictures of these self styled superheroes and their greatest achievements, as well as the notorious villains that they will encounter-

Shaun had stopped reading at this point and closed up the book, sliding it back onto the shelf in a fit of boredum. He glanced at his phone again and began to dig his earbuds out of his pocket, though something made him stop. He looked at his phone again, lost in thought for moments, before reaching back out and taking the book back into his hand. He thoughtfully stared at the cover for a moment, as something struck him. He glanced at his hoodie and tugged on the fabric; it was a Cornflower Blue, a little pale, made of marl fabric. Once more, he checked his phone, actually looking at the time.

“…about 40 minutes.”

He mumbled to himself, then put in his earbuds, played some music, and dedicated some effort into going back to his house.

When he arrived, he unlocked the door and arrived to find Button already scrambling over, climbing up him to get at his face. A bit of laughter, patting and giving her a fuss and a play, before telling her to wait in the kitchen for him before he climbed up his stairs. The dog obeyed, much as it wanted its ears scratched more, and lay back in its basket whilst chewing on a large, fake bone.

Shaun skipped his room and went to his parents room. Talking to himself was a new thing, though it seemed to help guide him.

“We’re packing up tonight, going to the hotel tomorrow, he should still have it… Wardrobe.”

He hopped over and pulled open a door, swinging it open. Inside were a line of shirts, jeans, trousers and jackets all lined up, with a mirror on the inside of the door. Shaun went straight for the jackets, flicking through them.

“No, no, no. Ew. No. Denim jacket? Dad, seriously. No. Ah!”

The jacket he pulled out looked hardly worn. It was tan in colour and the lining was a bright wool or fleece, Shaun couldn’t identify. It had a pair of pockets that fastened on the breast, and two open ones by the hip, with two on the insides. He looked over it, nodding and impressed, before beginning to try it on.

Normally, it would have been a bit big and baggy but when he was wearing his hoodie, it fit quite snugly over the top. He tested the freedom of movement by stretching out, swinging his arms around; just baggy enough to allow good movement. As a test, he also pulled his hood up, and looked down at his jeans and sketchers. As an added benefit, the extra layers of leather and wool did add an illusion of Shaun looking bulkier. Not that it was needed, though he did seem to admire his new aesthetic.

With all this settled, he whips off the coat and tucks it underneath his bed covers to hide it.

“It’s not like he’s ever used it. He won’t notice.”

Satisfied, Shaun went back down, made sure Button had a treat and an extra bit of a fuss, before locking up and heading back to school.

The day was ponderously slow. Shaun continued to keep checking the clock on the wall in class, as well as glancing at his phone, assuming he wasn’t being seen as he did so. Everyone was currently discussing what they had thought was a good idea for their project. One of the women in the class, a mousy girl called Alice with box frame classes, commented that an hour wasn’t a lot of time to decide what to do for the year. Mr Murray reminded her that they could really change at any time if they wanted to but if they wanted to change half a year through the course, they had 6 months of work to make up for.

She had personally decided on a progressive idea; the effect of oversaturation of advertising in modern life. A few other students had picked something more niche or broad; cinematography in film and television and the effects it has, the nature of stereotypes and the need of minority role models, and how media affects and makes political campaigns. Shaun had decided already picked his, and opted to show the effects of the Farside in modern life, and just how deeply it affected everyone. Mr Murray was satisfied, and they spent the next hour discussing what sorts of themes they could involve and what inspiration they could take. Each student had their turn of spotlight, whilst they opened ideas, everyone was encouraged to help and make their own suggestions. It took time to get through everyone, though it was a fairly relaxed environment. The entire day was planning; from what had previously happened, translating it into a project, presentations they’d do through the year, generally laying out what was to come for the next year or so.

With the day eventually over, Shaun made his way back home.

Tea was tense, to say the least. Shaun and his dad barely spoke through the evening. They’d said hi when Craig came back home and that was the length of their discussion in its entirety. Shaun had thought of speaking about it but knowing it would just exacerbate the situation. Shaun inherited a stubbornness from his father’s side of the family, one that became obvious in times like these. Anne just elected to stay out of it, like usual. Many times she’d been the mediator in the past and it suited her poorly, not making the situation worse but never getting anybody to come to a standstill.

The car arrived at 6pm on the nose. Shaun said goodbye to his mum and gave her a kiss and a hug. He ruffled Button’s head and gave her another fuss. He did have the dignity to say goodbye to his dad, and told him that he was sorry but he was going to do this, as he’d always been told to give people a chance. His dad said he’ll talk to him about it when he got back, in a rather ominous tone.

A moderately dull car journey was made entertaining with the latest Rudimental album on Shaun’s phone. The driver was as usual untalkative at best, and Shaun could deal with a bit of silence from other people for a change. He arrived and found Yuhong waiting for him at the front entrance, after he went through several security checks. The smile on her face beamed as she saw him enter the building, and he greeted her with a court nod.

“I’m glad you came, Shaun.” She wore the same work outfit as before, though her blouse was a plain white today.

“We’ll see how glad I am at the end of it.” Shaun rolls his shoulder slightly, trying to get used to the jacket.

“Are you cold today?” She asks, whilst turning and beckoning him to follow. He walked beside her as they went through more security checks. Today, Shaun wasn’t given a guest pass; he was given a card that was much the same as Alex, as well as a small leather wallet. Inside was a badge, a silver symbol of the NFU and a slot for his card to go in.

“Huh? Oh, no. Just thought it’d be like, well. You guys have costumes and I don’t need armour and the NFU is probably big on keeping identities secret.”

“It’s not like you need body armour. We’ll get you a mask.” Yuhong pointed to his card. “You have the same access as any of our agents on probation. If you want to go inside somewhere, put the card in, gem up and to the left.”

Shaun nodded. “Got it. Just make sure the mask isn’t like…” Shaun paused, thinking. Yuhong waited for him to expand, as they walked down the corridor to the equipment room.

“Like what?”

“…I don’t want a mask. Nothing like Doctor Doom or a wrestler. Maybe a bandana, or a mask like yours.”

Yuhong thought for a second, and sounded cheerful when she responded. “I think we have something like that.”

They had approached the changing rooms, and Shaun waited outside whilst Yuhong got changed inside. A few people walked past, and nodded to him and said his name to greet him on their travels, which piqued his curiosity. He put his card into his new badge, noting that the gem did make it somewhat awkward to fit it neatly inside. He stashed it inside his jacket pocket, making sure it wouldn’t fall out with a small dose of rigorous activity.

Yuhong came out, fully armoured up as Visionary, holding something in her hand. She showed it out, and Shaun took it from her hand. It was a black neck warmer, something what a motorcyclist would wear, easily covering his mouth and nose. With eyebrows raised, he nodded gently.

“Yeah, this is what I want. Will they mind me borrowing it?”

“It’s yours.” Is all she said. He shrugged, accepting this and starting to slide it over his head. It fit well, and he tested it by pulling it up past his nose. Visionary had already started to walk away, and Shaun followed. He tugged up his hood, and cleared his throat to catch her attention.

“What do you think?” He said, stretching his arms out.

“You look like you might mug somebody.” She said, without turning her head in his direction. “But I can’t see who you are. It works, for now. We can discuss a proper uniform later.”

“This is good.” He said, looking around the corridor. “I look cool. I don’t look like a superhero. No cape or anything like that.”

“Generally speaking, the NFU doesn’t allow capes as part of your uniform. Capes can catch, snag and be used against you. The only people who wear them are people who don’t get into physical combat, or are strong or quick enough.” She turns to him. “In my opinion, it’s not an easy look to pull off either.”

Shaun glanced above, and saw them walk past a sign pointing them to the training room.

“That’s pretty sensible.”

“We prefer body armour that protects you. Tether for instance, his armour has better protection against knives, blades, batons. Weaponry you use up close. His powers mean he needs to be close. It does offer ballistic protection though. My armour, is to protect against bullets.”

“I don’t know what your power is, come to think of it.” He’d say, stepping forward a bit so he’s in her line of sight.

“It’s hard to explain.” She’d say, glancing towards him. “But I will say, I don’t need protection that close. I don’t get hit.”

“Isn’t that a better reason to have that sort of armour?” Shaun made a hand gesture of him stabbing something. “I’m not saying you’re not as good as dodging blows as you say you are, I haven’t seen you in action yet, but just in case you’re unlucky, or you can’t dodge, isn’t it better to have it like, as a precaution?”

“That’s right, good thinking. It’s not like paper to a knife. It’s advanced, Artifex grade armour. I can dodge a punch very well. Bullets are more difficult.” She turns fully to Shaun. “It allows me to be dexterous and dodge well. It maximises my strengths, minimises my weakness. I am, sadly, weak to bullets.”

Shaun snorts, and giggles. “Can’t say I know what that weakness feels like.”

“We have design discussions, with fashion designers and famous bloggers, about costume design. We had a bit of trouble thinking of something for you.”

“Me? Why?” They turned a corner. A man in armour, much like Jason, walked past them and nodded to them. “Agent Visionary. Shaun.” They both nodded back.

“We’d need something that can survive as well as you do.” She said, bluntly. “That’s going to be impossible. So, we decided that we can focus just on aesthetics.”

“Coat, hoodie, biker mask. Done.” He said, dismissing the thought with a hand wave. “I’ve saved you thousands of pounds already.”

“Have you thought of a name?”

“Shaun. Shaun is a good name.”

They had finally breached the doors of the training room. This time, it was occupied quite heavily. A lot of people were using the gym equipment in the far corner. A pair of individuals were training in the ring; an older man and Alex, who were currently sparring. A few people were sitting down and watching them. Shaun was lead over to them; Alex was in full gear, and the other man was showing him some defensive techniques.

Tether had his arms up, fists loosely open. When the man came with a right hook, a somewhat slow attack, Tether clenched his fist and made that quintessential click, drawing a shield that lay on the floor beside his feet, to the back of his hand. It was a sudden movement, and he thrust it up to block the blow. Another blow was thrown his way, a lower punch aimed for the stomach. To Visionary’s surprise, with another click the shield shot from one hand to the other, and he intervened the blow with it. The instructor nodded, and stepped back.

His voice instantly sounded familiar to Shaun. It was the NFU agent he met previously. Jason looked totally different than he imagined; he had a chiselled jawline, short brown hair, with cuts and scars over his face. Notably, his nose looked like it’d been healed from being broken. He wore a white tank top and jogging bottoms, tattoos of dragons and Japanese artwork up his right arm. He was built; exercised regularly, went to the gym, and his poise showed a certainty in his actions.

“Takes time to make it an instinct but keep practising. Practice is the best thing you can do.” Jason spied Visionary and nodded, clapping loudly. “That’s all for today. Go back to your circuits and cardio.”

By this time, Tether had started to come over to Shaun and Yuhong, and he formally greeted the latter. Shaun held his hand up and he slapped it, locking thumbs. “Hey, Shaun. I didn’t think you’d come.”

“I didn’t either.” Their hands broke contact, and he looked around again. “Giving it a chance, y’know?”

Tether nodded. “Yeah, glad to have you, man. What are you doing today?”

“I’m on shift with you.”

“You’re on shift?” He smiled slightly. “Took me six months of probation. I made it, by the way.”

“Hey, grats.”

“After the Eldritch thing, Visionary put in a good word for me, she said I showed ‘excellent combat aptitude’.” He made sure to do air quotes.

“I didn’t know you could like, Tether something twice. Like with that shield.”

Tether blinked, then looked at the shield. “Oh, yeah! Found that out the other night. I never really tried it that way before.”

“It’s a cool trick. Wonder what else you can do.” Shaun nodded.

Yuhong approached Jason, and they shook hands briefly. “Agent Visionary, pleasure.”

“Likewise, Commander.” She smiled broadly beneath her mask.

“You got the boy on board.” He said, looking to Shaun for a second. He shared the glance briefly. “You’ve got a hell of a way with words.”

“I’m better with numbers.”

“Ah.” Jason said, realising. “Whatever works. Not my department. Are you on tonight?”

“Yes. Shaun’s been given clearance to attend a mission with us.”

Jason looked over him again. Him and Alex were in the middle of discussing something they couldn’t quite hear.

“Special treatment isn’t normally your thing, Agent.”

“I can make exceptions.” She smiles again. “He’s a unique case.”

“His outfit is… interesting.” Jason said.

“It’s something.”

“What do you think?” Shaun said, with his arms open wide.

“It’s alright. You look like you might mug somebody though.” Alex said, with one eyebrow raised.

“You too?” Shaun slumped a little in defeat. “She said that as well. C’mon, it’s all I could put together.”

“Hey, it’s fine. I’m sure nobody will know it’s you. Just, don’t go down any dark alleys.”

“What about you?” Shaun pointed to Tether’s uniform. “You look like Batman’s latest sidekick.”

You look like somebody that would ask for change on the streets.”

“Yeah, well you look like…” He studied his outfit for a second. “…nope, nothing’s coming. Batman’s latest sidekick is the best I’ve got.”

“Hah.” Tether said, folding his arms. A smug smirk crept on his face.

“But you’ll always be the sidekick. You’ll never be Batman.”

“Oh, that’s low.” Alex said with a bit of a chuckle.

Jason and Yuhong walked over now. Jason patted Tether on the shoulder. “Keep it up. We’ll practice tomorrow. Good luck on your first night shift.”

Tether nodded and beamed a smile. “Thanks, sir. I’ll let you know how it goes.”

“You do that, agent. Shaun, good luck tonight.”


Jason walked away, and swiftly left the training hall. Shaun and Tether looked to Visionary, who let her gaze linger on Jason a little as he walked away. She addressed the boys. “Our shift starts at 8. We can get half an hour’s worth of training done.”

Shaun raised both his arms up. “Do I… need training? Honestly?” His question seemed genuine.

“There is always room to improve. Even with you. Have you had any practice, any martial arts training?”

Shaun shook his head. “My mum and dad sort of told me not to. It’s not like I needed any help defending myself.”

“You could learn some basic techniques.”

“If you say so.”

They spent the next half an hour going over some of the absolute basics; It seems for all that Shaun had, he never really needed to work on his technique, and barely threw a punch. Visionary showed him the basic forms required, making sure to correct it precisely along the way, and also to aim through them rather than at them. Shaun commented that aiming ‘through somebody’ for him could leave them with a hole in their chest. Visionary needed to think on that. Meanwhile, Tether was practising his powers. One thing he’d picked up on was that he could link an object and send it flying to whatever he linked it to, but cancel the tether mid-flight. The object simply flew through the air to the last point that was tethered, and he aimed a few projectiles with it meanwhile.

With the time spent well, their first shift finally came.

It predictably became as dull as Shaun had expected. For all the time and preparation and basic protocol Visionary went over, the majority of their shift was just waiting. Other teams were being deployed on various missions and objectives; they were sent to high priority incidents, whilst Visionary’s team was a small team designated to non-lethal encounters. Because of this, there was little in the way of doing missions for them. The shifts lasted 6 hours each before they were swapped with the next on-call team. Tether was busy watching some skating videos on his phone. Shaun was busy playing games on his, and Visionary was watching the news. Nobody else was here, as everyone had been deployed to the far other ends of Manchester. With the reach of this NFU office hitting all of the extended Greater Manchester area, it was no surprise that some teams were left to their own devices.

…as once again, Anthony Barnes, leader of the Union of Britain party, has brought up the subject of Fartouched registration. In his speech today, he claims that ‘only having Farborn children registered doesn’t do justice to the fact that many Fartouched walk around with the general public unaware of who they are or what they can do. The United States of America has already made it mandatory. It is the biggest concern to the safety of the general public.’ His radical and, somewhat passionate stance on the debate, has left the Union party open to heavy criticism from other parties-”

On-Call Team, this is the Control Centre.” The noise came from the speakers in the top of the room. Small, discrete devices that seemed to give extremely clear sound that bounced through the room. “You’re being dispatched.”

Visionary rose from her chair and put her finger to the comm in her ear. “Control Centre, this is Agent Visionary. What are the details of the dispatch?”

Agent Visionary, Control Centre here. Trespass and possible theft.” Visionary glanced to the television, and muted it with a remote. “Location is… the NFU Testing Facility, between Sale and Stretford.”

Yuhong stared at the wall for a second, then frowned in confusion. She was lost in thought for a moment.

Tether interrupted the silence. “That’s Jolly’s turf.”

“Control Centre, can you be specific as to the nature of the dispatch?” Visionary asked.

Agent Visionary, silent alarm was signalled. Cameras picked up three figures, one male, two females, approaching the facility. The male spoke to the security guard on-site, and the guard seems to have given the total clearance of the facility.”

“Control Centre, repeat. Total clearance?”

Affirmative. Security gave them total clearance of the facility after the male spoke to him.”

Visionary paused again. “Do you have visuals on the trespassers?”

Affirmative. We’ve got identification. Visuals and profiles point to the ‘Ten Granders’.”

Visionary looked up to the speaker, eyebrows raised. Tether spoke before she did. “Flare’s gang.”

“Who?” Shaun said, looking between the two with a stark confusion.

“Control Centre.” Visionary raised her voice. “This is a major incident dispatch, not an incident dispatch. Why has it been assigned to my team?”

Agent Visionary. Your team has been flagged for major incidents. You have been given authority to arm.”

Visionary, stunned by being told this, raised her voice past her professional demeanour. “What?Dispatch, my team is not ready for major incidents.”

Flagged by… Director Sage.” He paused. “Reason for flagging… Presence of Shaun increases danger threshold to major incidents.”

Shaun felt all eyes on the room drawn to him. He looked between Visionary and Tether, quickly deducing that they weren’t accusatory stares. They looked worried.

“Control Centre, allocate another team to the incident. My team isn’t experienced enough.”

Agent Visionary, all other teams are currently dispatched are an hour to an hour and a half away after their incident has been resolved. You are the only team available and you’re within 10 minutes. Incident was logged 1 minute ago.”

“So they’re still there.” Shaun said, looking to the side.

Visionary let out a sigh of frustration and rubbed her forehead. She began to turn to the side, looking between Shaun and Alex. There was a mixture of feelings on her face that she had trouble hiding. Concern was the greatest and easiest to spot. Shaun stood up from his chair now and walked over, patting her on the shoulder.

“Visionary. We’ll have to deal with it. We’ve got this.” Shaun nodded. “We’re the only team able to take the call. Me and Tether might not be experienced but we aren’t going to be dead weight. We don’t have a choice and we don’t have time to argue about it.”

Tether nodded in agreement. “We might be able to bring them in. How cool would that be?”

Visionary looked between them and nodded. She took a single deep breath and raised her shoulders slightly, regaining some composure, and spoke in a professional tone once more.

“Control Centre, we’re on the way.”