Spoilers will be kept to a minimum. This is a list of characters to act as a reference and to note little tidbits of information.

Members of the National Farside Unit

Shaun Larson: The protagonist of Enter the Farside, Shaun is a 19 year old Farborn from Staffordshire, England. He is supernaturally strong and impervious to harm. He has medium length, dark blonde hair but is otherwise average in looks and height. Shaun has come to the age where has to decide what to do with his life, but his lack of motivation, ambition and direction in life makes this difficult. For the time being, he has joined the National Farside Unit and adopted the Agent name of Verus.

Alex Woodard: Alex is a 23 year old Farborn from Oxford. His powers allow him to link two objects together and he can force them to come together, usually sending one object flying to the other. His hair is medium length, brown and parted down the middle and he’s a little lanky. He is a very creative individual who loves painting, and finished a Diploma in Health and Social Care before being employed by the NFU under the agent name ‘Tether’. He is currently being mentored by Visionary.

Yuhong Yui: Yuhong is a 31 year old Fartouched of Chinese ethnicity. Her powers are undefined and unknown at this point, though they seem to allow her to dodge attacks effortlessly and increase her perception by an unknown amount. Her hair is black, in a pixie cut, and she favours fashionable clothes. She is goal orientated with a university degree in Business, and worked as a civil servant before becoming Fartouched and joining the NFU. She has stepped down from her position to mentor new recruits, and is currently mentoring Alex.

Sage: Sage is a Fartouched middle aged woman with blonde hair, and wears robes and a blindfold to add emphasis to her namesake. Though a Director of the Headquarters of the NFU, other details about her are unknown. She has a unique gift of precognition; she is able to see causality and see the cause and effect of various actions in visions. Enigmatic to the point of annoyance, she uses her incredible abilities for her own ends, of which we’ve seen it can only be assumed to be for the good of the National Farside Unit.

Messenger: Head Director of the National Farside Unit, Eric Edwards is a Fartouched male who looks in his early forties. Messenger has his brown hair neatly trimmed and waxed with a side parting, with a stern gaze and high cheek bones, and wears expensive suits. Messenger’s ability small and allows him to send balls of energy to people, which allow him to pass on verbal messages to those he sends it to. Messenger’s history started with politics, but stood down upon becoming Fartouched. He is efficient and manages the NFU as best as one can do. He has a large amount of trust in Sage, and has no hesitation or doubt in her.

Grandmaster: Kai Rhodes is a thirty-something Fartouched Male. His Fartouched abilities give him mastery over any weaponry, as well as instinctive knowledge on their application. He can also master anything as an improvised weapon without any effort. Grandmaster is regimental and somewhat brazen and confident, and has a strong sense of right and wrong and how to bend the rules in his favour. He sports elaborate body armour made by Artifex, that offers him a large amount of protection, and an advanced helmet that grants him various scanning abilities, communication methods and combat sensors.

Impetus: Giles Mavros is a Fartouched man in his thirties. He’s fairly tall and thin, with long, slicked back black hair and trimmed facial hair. He’s able to create a barriers of kinetic energy around him that inverts the colours inside, but has mastered this ability further; not only can he use it to move faster on foot, but also to launch the barriers like a projectile, use them as a large shield or enhance his physical blows to deadly effect. Giles is a questioning man who encourages growth, and also fosters a friendship of banter and a mild rivalry with Grandmaster. He believes that Fargraced aren’t all equal, and that stronger agents are always held in reserves in times of escalation.

Spectre: Katrina Dobson is a 20 year old Farborn from Birmingham. She can generate a white mist either around her or away from her, which blocks all sight outside of a few feet around you. She is also capable of super-heating this mist to deadly effect, though does this rarely. She has a streak of competitiveness in her when she dons her uniform and strives to be the best she can, and improve herself constantly. She is fairly confident, but tries not to be arrogant; she rarely doubts herself and has a positive image on her body.

Commander Jason Cohen: Jason Cohen is a Commander of the National Farside Unit, neither Farborn nor Fartouched as the bulk of the agents tend to be. A former SAS operative, Jason spent ten years performing his role to the best of his ability. A very competent marksman and of a sound tactical mind, the NFU knew they would benefit from a man such as himself to train and lead, and they offered him the job. He accepted and was transferred over and serves as a Commander in the National Farside Unit to this day. Jason sports a chiseled jawline, short brown hair and cuts and scars over his face, and his nose hasn’t healed fully from when it’s been previously broken. His main interests are work, hitting the gym, and spending time with his former squad mates, though he’s accepting of the fact that he lives a fairly ordinary home life.

Independent Operatives

Sovereign: James Millican is a 38 year old Farborn from Nottingham. Raised by a father who became alcoholic and aggressive, James ran away from home on his thirteenth birthday after his father abused his mother. James stepped in to protect his mother and beat his father unconscious with his powers, and left home to live with his aunt and uncle. Afterwards, he became a vigilante and worked with the Designer to model him as a Superhero, and acts as an independent crime fighter in England. He can make hard-light images, and has refined his abilities greatly; making suits of armour, shackles, platforms with ease and no concentration. He holds a heroic view of the world, despite any previous tragedy; it only spurs him to make sure nobody else has to go through what he did.

The Designer: The Designer, whose name has yet to be revealed, is a young woman who works independently as a fashion designer and social media guru. She frequently loans her services out to the National Farside Unit, as well as other independent operatives who work alone, to design costumes and help to sculpt the public perception of individual clients. She has a keen eye for design in all forms and is inventive, and attentive to people and knows how to work with them, which has served her well as she is semi-contracted to the NFU to design outfits and armour for their growing roster of Agents. Her relish of challenges mixes with a somewhat extravagant and flamboyant, meaning that she always leaves an impression wherever she goes.


Jolly: Jolly, previously known as Elliot Fisher, is a 24 year old Farborn from Manchester. Jolly’s powers are extremely obvious, in that he’s eight foot tall, very muscular and has green skin covering his body, with moss instead of hair. Jolly was only born with different coloured skin and hair, but grew to his monstrous size through puberty. Jolly leads the ‘Manc Freakshow’, the largest Fargraced gang in Manchester. Jolly’s recruitment only takes in people with obvious Farside deformities, and he uses his gang’s obvious powers to run things in the shadows, such as protection schemes and drug dealing. He makes sure everyone has a name fitting and self deprecating, as a means of wearing their conditions like armour. Despite his size and habit of not speaking much at a time, he is a cunning and intelligent individual who has kept his gang together for several years.

Triclops: Previously known as Ellen Joyce, Triclops is a 21 year old Irish Farborn from Dundrum, Ireland. She is part of the Manc Freakshow and has vastly altered eyes; all three of which are large, black and reflective in the light. Her eyesight is phenomenal and allows her to see things in precise detail, vastly further into the distance, as well as infrared and ultraviolet spectrum. Her depth perception and accuracy are peerless. Other than that, she has a soft round face with a pointed chin, and red curly hair, with one side shaved. Normally, she uses a crossbow as a weapon. She has a fiery personality, and is quick to call out any disrespect she hears and stands up for herself fiercely.

Ooze: Ooze is a young Farborn with a Yorkshire accent, who likes to wear navy tracksuits and black leather gloves. Ink looks constantly stained onto his skin, because Ooze’s abilities make his bodily fluids act differently when exposed to air; his tears turn into a glistening black oil, his blood causes violent explosions, and his spit has hallucinogenic properties. He tends to back down from confrontation and enjoys gambling.

Squeaks: Squeaks is a male Farborn, as part of the Manc Freakshow. Squeaks is much more deformed than others; other than his voice being high pitched, large incisors jut down over his bottom lip to match the rows of sharp teeth he otherwise has. Fingers and tails are like talons and he has a prehensile tail almost as long as he is tall. He also possesses incredibly quick reflexes and agility. He enjoys gambling and is fond of cashew nuts.

Aberrant: Aberrant is a male Farborn and a part of the Manc Freakshow. His arms split into four forearms at the elbows, though each is thin and atrophied to a degree. His head, neck and shoulders had fused so that they have a shape like his head constantly has a hood on it, and makes him look like a Sontaran. His legs are also thick and stumpy. He’s capable of using any of his arms freely and can move them about quickly, making him good at typing and texting, and using multiple swords and knives at once. He has a surprisingly emotive voice, to compensate for him not changing facial expression much.

Flare: Kate Riley is a young woman in her early twenties, with shoulder length blonde hair and a strong Liverpool accent. She is either Farborn or Fartouched but neither has been confirmed. She has the ability to generate light, and if something is bright enough it also heats up. She wears white clothes, and she uses her powers to blind attackers and escape with her gang. She runs a small gang of three people called the Ten Granders; Her, Candour and Alpha, who currently do petty crime to make their way. They call themselves the Ten Granders after they pulled off a heist that netted them ten thousand pounds each.

Candour: Davian Atkinson is a 22 year old Farborn from Manchester. He has a tall figure and accentuates it with a black great coat, a grey shirt and skinny jeans, with brown retro shoes. His normal hairstyle is shaved sides, long on top. His powers passively affect everything he says, and he can make anybody believe anything he says, as long as he is lying to them. He can’t make things appear out of thin air, but he’s creative and knows how to use his abilities. Despite this, he has a capacious nature and finds lying easy, and is somewhat spoiled by his upbringing and abilities. He hates being called ‘Dave’.

Alpha: Sarah Shelly is a Farborn in her early twenties. She has chin length red hair that she dyes regularly and wears dark clothes; band shirts, jeans, bracelets and a menagerie of items from Hot Topic. When she’s outside, she’ll wear a scarf and cover half her face with it. She has some self esteem issues due to being out of shape and having a chubby figure. Alpha’s abilities allow her to passive assume herself as the alpha or leader of any animal or pack of animals near her. She also has the ability to verbally give commands to animals, is aware of all animals that her power affects, and animals are drawn to her presence if she’s in the nearby area. Alpha loves animals and wants to become a vet but working with Flare and Candour makes her fear it may never happen. Alpha can have trouble reading people socially and is known to fixate on things to a minor degree.

Ryan Macey: Ryan Macey is the leader of a group of people called the Technomads. Ryan is 36 years old with brown hair, blue eyes, and a noticeable scar over his nose. The Technomads are a group of people who do petty crime for money and turf, using stolen MAGI-Tech equipment to get the job done; from Hardware bugs used to ‘pause’ electronic devices, to older forms of pilfered NFU firearms and weapons. Ryan is loyal to his men, and harbors a distaste for Fargraced individuals, thinking they’re freaks and the reason that Britain is a failing country.

Ryan is currently arrested and serving his prison sentence for various crimes, of which have been noted; twenty nine charges of assault, seven charges of premeditated, aggravated assault and thousands of pounds worth of properly damage.

Michael Burnham: Michael Burnham is a forty five year old male from England. Other than a receding hairline and a thick nose, Michael is plain and almost nondescript in appearance. He stares quite frequently, taking stock of his surroundings commonly. Michael works within the black market, specifically in selling illegal weaponry and trafficking, and prostitution. Months prior to his arrest, he switched his focus to MAGI-Tech, which lead to his eventual, if somewhat easy arrest at the hands of Grandmaster and the yet-named Verus.

After his arrest, he pleaded guilty to his crimes to alleviate his eventual prison sentence and worked with the NFU to acquire evidence, to convict Anthony Barnes. Anthony had hired Michael to acquire many things, with his end game being to have a way to ‘turn off’ people’s powers. After this failed, Michael held onto anything that could be used as evidence and confessed, as well as revealed the location of everything he saved to the NFU. Afterwards, the Police claimed jurisdiction over Michael’s personal case, so he was to be tried for his crimes by their hands. He was transferred from the NFU to the Police’s custody.

Anthony Barnes: Anthony Barnes is a unique case of a single person being Fartouched on two ocassions. 51 years old with long, grey hair that he commonly slicks back, Anthony is a politician who runs the Union of Britain party, which gained momentum as an alternative ‘straight faced’ party aiming to get him as Prime Minister of England. After becoming Fartouched twice, Anthony directed his sights into learning how to control or even take away people’s Farside-given powers, despite it being considered a type of illegal physical nullification, as well as it being illegal for Fargraced individuals to work in any position of political power in England.

Members of the Public

Craig Larson: Craig Larson is Shaun’s father. Craig isn’t Fargraced but he has tried his best to raise his son. A mechanic, his love of cars has passed down to Shaun. Craig works long hours and is a self professed family man; he does what he can to protect his family, through thick and thin. He’s stocky with a bit of a beer belly.

Anne Larson: Anne is Shaun’s Mother. Not much has been seen of Anne as she takes care of her mother, who suffers from Dementia and Alzheimers. She is cheery, with curly brown hair and a warm smile, and her figure carries a bit of weight.