It’s been a year already?

Enter the Farside’s first post was on October 13th, 2015. Thus shall this day be it’s birthday forever more.

A year. One whole sodding year. Let’s take a look at what the year looks like in terms of word count. Here’s what each arc totals as in terms of pure, unfiltered, raw wordage.

  • Arc 1: 47,261 words (Longest chapter: 1-10 with 8167 words)
  • Arc 2: 51,306 words (Longest chapter: 2-10 with 8402 words
  • Arc 3: 48,056 words (Longest chapter: Interlude 3 with 7648 words)
  • Arc 3: 49,398 words (Longest chapter: Interlude 4 with 9238 words)

Leaving us with a grand total of 196,021 words over 4 arcs.


That’s a lot of words about a teenager from Stoke on Trent.

Personally, there needs to be a thanks given to everyone who’s reading this. I’m so grateful to everyone who’s been reading this, and I hope you stay with me for some time to come. Seriously. You’re awesome.

Where do we go from here though?

Well, I’m going to write Arc 5 onward. I’ll have everything written up, then post it again just like I did before. If you’re wondering how much I have planned out, we’ll just say ‘lots’ and leave it at that. I know what direction we’re heading in. Things are looking up.

What can you do to support me? Spread the word. Tell people, recommend Enter the Farside. Add tropes to the TvTropes page. Review it on Goodreads and Web Fiction Guide. Vote for it on Top Web Fiction. All links there for convenience. Every bit helps, and I’m in need of every bit right now to get the word out.

Every comment or email makes my day, I love hearing from people about it. Absolutely get in touch when you can.

As a teaser, Arc 5 will be called the Lull arc. Have fun with the speculating.


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