So I’m back.

Let’s hold off on the celebrations for just a minute. Take a look at this:


What this little behind the scenes is trying to tell you is that I have every other chapter ready to post.

It’s later than I intended. 4-1 was published on February and it’s nearly October now. Yikes! That’s one long hiatus that I’m not sure if I’ll ever truly recover from. There is always hope, I guess.

The day after tomorrow, 4-2 will go up, and every other day following will get another post, right up until everything is released on 12/10/2016, which will be Interlude 4. Enter the Farside’s birthday is on October 13th, so I’ll have another post up then to explain more things.

What’s going to happen after this? We’ll stick with this routine so far. I’ll do all the chapters and post them up with day gaps in between, and keep going until the next week, and so forth and so forth.

What’s going on with me? Everything’s okay in the strictest sense of the word. I’m currently between jobs and hopefully going back into the care sector instead of retail. I’ve got enough time to have no excuse not to write, put it that way.

You should like how this arc pans out, and I personally am happy with the way things have turned out. As always, comments and emails are appreciated so much. The TvTropes page anyways needs new additions, so don’t hesitate if you see something there. Currently, I’m the only one keeping track of things. Reader input is always good with these things; I might miss things or you may know more tropes than I do.

Enjoy the ride, it’s still only just starting.


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