Reports of my hiatus have been greatly exaggerated.

Title quote courtesy of Mark Twain.

I promised you twice a week updates. After sloughing through them, I eventually lost momentum and stumbled. I then promised you once a week, and didn’t uphold that either. Four months have passed since my last update and if you haven’t stopped reading because you think I’m on hiatus, here’s the honest truth?

I’ve been around.

Nothing has prevented me from writing. It’s been the perfect storm of things to detract from this work; work upsetting my normal routine. Lacking the fire to write regularly. Writing as a means of self entertainment that’s quickly replaced by video games that come out. Social obligations Not talking regularly enough about Enter the Farside to build up my own hype again; it may be strange to hear, but talking about my work really keeps me motivated.

Reasons, reasons, explanations, excuses.

I’m not done with Enter the Farside, though. Not by a long shot. The question is, what do I do with it?

This post has been long overdue. So have updates, but hey. Enter the Farside is a priority to me and it’s one I’m going to work on. I still don’t feel I’m capable of upholding the relentless, twice a week pace I used to do. So here’s what we’ll do for the time being.

Once I have Arc 4 totally done, interlude included, I’ll begin posting them out. Once every other day so you have a bit of a rest to digest them. It should give me enough time to see what pace I can manage and what level of updates I want to do. I may continue with the trend of ‘wait for the arc to be done, post them all out’ but I honestly have no idea how that might pan out.

Send me an email or leave a comment and let me know.

Verus will return, and my big plans for this series will never die down. I can at least guarantee that.



  1. I don’t plan to stop.

    I lost my momentum massively and rebuilding it, and finding the pace that I can push myself at, is what I’m working on. Should have some good news in the next week or so.


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