Deadlines are for hacks. YOU’RE an artist.

Title courtesy of The Worst Muse on Twitter.

Let’s be honest here.December and January were absolutely terrible when it came to deadlines. I set a schedule for twice weekly and I failed to meet the quota for the majority of the time. I personally set myself to a high standard of work and I even started making a backlog of work, and eventually dropped off. I even had to take a break over the festive period to try to organise myself, and it helped little.

So what the hell happened during December and January?

I’m not here to give excuses to try and justify a poor schedule, but I lost my job. More free time meant more time to write, which was fine and I managed to make it work. It wasn’t until I got a new job that things started to become a problem.

When I started Enter the Farside, my schedule was to work in the morning and afternoon, come home in the evening. Relax and write, have some spare time and go to sleep.I had ample time and set up a routine of work, write, rest, sleep. My new job is totally different and works just evenings, 5pm onwards, six days a week.

I’ve only just noticed that the time I’d spend writing is the time I’m working now. I started to get used to a routine, and now I’ve had to scrap it and try to start over again. My writing time which I begun to got used to doesn’t exist anymore, and part of me feels like I’m writing at the wrong time.

I’m adjusting, slowly. I’ve been staying up until 5am in some mornings to try and meet the deadline and failing. I’m trying to get a new period to write in, so my body can readjust. I still don’t accept it as an excuse myself, and I won’t be satisfied until I get a post on time, every wednesday and saturday.

Remain patient and all will be well.

Meanwhile, if you’re still staying tuned or starting to pick up on Enter the Farside, you’ve got my thanks tenfold. Every comment and view and every time you spread the word is appreciated. The next chapter will be the end of the Discoveries arc and we’ll have an interlude to wrap things up.

Stay tuned.


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