13/10/2016: Happy birthday to Enter the Farside! One year old. Blog post here about how the year has been.

If you want to read Enter the Farside without spoilers, click here to get started.

Enter the Farside is a story where humanity found a way to stare into the abyss, and the abyss predictably stared back. The world that we walk upon is no longer natural, for every fibre of existence has been tainted by this place forever afterwards. The Farside, as it’s come to know, is a plane mirroring ours that is filled with raw, incomprehensible madness, one that seeps into the people and everyone’s lives.

Despite this, things settle. Humanity endures as it always does, and the Farside is as much a common part of life as any other. It can never be something in the background though, for the Farside is a pervasive force. When people are born or given with powers that defy logic and eldritch creatures that slip through the cracks of reality exist, it can never truly be taken for granted.

Enter the Farside follows the story of Shaun Larson, in his late teens. After starting the first year of sixth form, Shaun is put into a position where he has to choose, making decisions that may affect him and everyone around him for the rest of his life.

He navigates a world where everyone’s spark of madness shines a little brighter. But the Farside can never truly dull how noble a human’s soul can be or how dark it can truly descend. A person may find themselves scarred by the Farside, but how they let those scars define them is their own choosing.

Enter the Farside is a web series released in small chapters over time. It started on on October 2015.



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